Succession planning

Family Business Succession Planning

This post is by Giles Ellis, an experienced business coach and…
Xero v MYO Comparison

Xero vs MYOB - What works best for your business?

I bought my first fee book from a retiring practitioner…

Tax Updates

This post is by Sheral Reddy, Associate Director at GECA Chartered…

Is your business getting value from your internal accountant?

It seems pretty simple, right?  A well performing business…

How to structure Business Succession to a family member

This post is by Giles Ellis, an experienced business coach and…
conflict resolution

Family feuds – five tips for conflict resolution in family business

In any business with more than one employee, it’s inevitable that conflicts will arise. Family businesses are no different. Here's 5 tips for solving them.
Domain names

How to find a domain name for your business

The domain name for your business is an integral part of your brand and is an important investment in your future success. Read more here:
Blog writing

How blogging can improve your business

Blogging is a sinple, low-cost, way to establish a presence online, start communicating with existing customers, and find potential new customers. Read more

GECA Case Study – HTS Group

For the last five years, GECA’s Giles Ellis has been helping transport electronics supplier HTS Group set objectives and stay on track. Read more here:

How to make your family business flourish

When you inherit a family business, you step into a new role. And, as in any new role, establishing your way of doing things can be challenging.