Business Planning

Success in business is about planning; we can help you to achieve success.

Sometimes you need to take time out from day to day activities in the business to focus on the business, having a one page business plan to act as a guide map is essential to ensure you are on course for success.

What do you need?

To increase the level of growth, profitability and cashflow in your business?

Support to unlock your business potential?

A clear outline of what you need to do to unlock this potential?

A document against which to measure your progress to your goals?

Benefits of Business Planning

Anytime is a good time to make a business plan when none is in existence, however it is particularly relevant at the start of a new financial year. If you are contemplating a major change in an existing business or entering a new business venture, a business plan is crucial. You will also be required to have a business plan to support any financial applications.

  • It gives you a chance to review and set the direction of the business
  • The facilitated session eliminates procrastination
  • Helps you to find common goals amongst a number of owners (if applicable)
  • Identifies your key goals
  • Prioritises your goals
  • Creates strategies for you to achieve your goals
  • Identifies what you will need to achieve goals. This could be a combination of marketing, training, performance management, increased resourcing and cost cutting
  • It sets timeframes for achieving goals and therefore provides accountability
  • Provides a tool to communicate your business goals and vision with your team
  • Divides your goals into short term and long term – Quick Wins vs. Key Projects
  • Provides you with a template to review actual performance against targets
  • Provides you with a platform to develop Financial Forecasts
  • It can be used as a basis for you to set team members’ individual goals/targets

About The Business Planning Workshop

Together we will review your past performance and clarify future direction. You will set solid and realistic business goals and define strategies for achievement. At the end of the session you will have a one page business plan which will act as a guide map to ensure you are on course for success.

What is involved?

You will participate in a four hour planning session to be facilitated by Giles from GECA Chartered Accountants. The key issues covered will be:

  • Discussing and setting both personal and business goals for the next 12 months
  • Discussing and agreeing on an action plan with strategies to support achievement of goals
  • Identification of Gross Revenue Targets and Key Performance Indicators
  • Identification of opportunities and vulnerabilities in your business that need to be managed
  • Establishment of a 90 day Action Plan to address immediate critical issues
  • We will provide you with ‘Pre-work’, which you will need to complete prior to the Planning Meeting to ensure you identify any issues that need to be discussed and so we can prepare any information required prior to the session.

This Workshop has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme. Please enter your voucher details when making your booking. We will verify your voucher with the Issuing Regional Partner before confirming your place on the course. For more information on the NZTE Capability Development Voucher scheme or to find your local Regional Business Partner click here


Business Planning Workshop – 25% Discount!

This comprehensive Business Planning Workshop is valued at $2,250 ex GST.
Call today to receive a discount of 25% – Phone 0800 758 766.

Business Planning Workshop Enquiry

    Fill out this form or call us now on 0800 758 766 to discuss preparation of your Business Plan.

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    What our client say

    • We worked with Giles to create an Organisational Structure to allow us to step back from the day to day business operations and focus on strategy and governance.  This identified the need for a CEO and Giles was able to help with all aspects of the CEO recruitment process. His corporate skills and experience were instrumental in ensuring a successful outcome.

      Peter Medforth
    • Giles at GECA Chartered Accountants did a business plan workshop for me earlier this year. It was incredibly helpful and really helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve. Giles helped me see the steps I needed to take to get these goals. I strongly recommend using his services!

      Matthew Summer
    • We were unaware of the GST implications of renting through AirBnB and that this could impact out family home – Giles was able to provide timely advice that meant we avoided this issue which could have proved very costly to us. Thanks, Giles!

      Rose Maharaj
      AirBnB Operator
    • Last year we began renting several properties through AirBnB. The GECA team provided helpful advice through out the setup process and we now have one of their PlusOne packages to take care of our accounting and taxation requirements. And they are a fun too – not often you can say that about accountants!

      Ian McKay
      AirBnB Operator
    • During my Organisational Review by Giles Ellis at GECA Chartered Accountants we found it was great to understand  the need for effective organisational structure to free up my time. I have found our meetings with Giles helpful to get an independent view of the business and re-emphasise the need for systems.

      Mike Smith
    • I recently attended my annual complimentary meeting with Giles at GECA Chartered Accountants and  I found it was good to compare what has been achieved from the prior year and this helps to refocus my attention on the bigger picture.

      Dave Andrews
    • Giles Ellis and the team at GECA Chartered Accountants helped to crystalise my thinking around short to medium goals, provide clarity around strategy and made me more aware of the Heath & Safety risks.

      Chris Rupe
    • GECA Chartered Accountants helped me understand the need for proper planning, understand the Health and Safety risk and gave me the opportunity to consider what we should be doing, implement corporate discipline.

      Margette Campbell

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