Airbnb host tips

Safety first: Taking care of your guests & your property as an Airbnb host

Renting out your property through Airbnb can seem like a simple way to make a bit of extra cash without too much effort – but it’s not necessarily that straightforward.

Xero Tips and Tricks: Keeping track of different rental properties

When you have only one property to rent out it is relatively…

Airbnb Hosting: Nine Tax Basic Rules You Need to Know

Airbnb Hosting: Nine Tax Basic Rules You Need to Know. There…
improve your Airbnb ranking

5 Ways to improve your Airbnb rating

To improve your AirBnB rating isn’t as simple as being friendly and keeping the place clean. It’s also about understanding how Airbnb’s search system works.
Buying a rental property in NZ

Tax implications of AirB&B Hosting - Have you got yourself covered?

Most home owners are not aware of the tax and other implications that may arise when renting their home as an Airbnb host. Find out now.