improve your Airbnb ranking

5 Ways to improve your Airbnb rating

This post is by Giles Ellis, an experienced business coach and Director at GECA Chartered Accountants.

improve your Airbnb ranking

Listing your home or bach on Airbnb can be a great way to bring in some extra income. If you own multiple properties or units, running your Airbnb listings can become a small business in its own right.

If you want more people to book and pay for your room or house, you need to improve your ranking on the site – that is, how high up your listing appears when people are browsing. A better ranking equals more people seeing your listing, which translates to more bookings.

Improving your ranking isn’t just about being friendly and keeping the place clean. It’s also about understanding how Airbnb’s search system works. Airbnb wants searchers to find what they’re looking for, so they prioritise listings and hosts that are informative, flexible, and responsive.

Here are five simple ways to move up the Airbnb ranks:

1: Don’t skip the description

Using a descriptive, up-to-date title and listing is essential if you want to get anywhere on Airbnb. Include as much relevant information as possible – things like nearby attractions, access to public transport, and a detailed description of your amenities. These keywords will help your listing appear in the maximum number of searches, which will help increase your ranking.

2: Take great photos

When your part of an endless list of accommodation options, great photos can help you stand out. Make sure you take high definition, well-lit photos of every part of your listing – the outside, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and any other features. The better your photos, the more people will click on your listing, and the higher you will rank.

3: Respond and update

Being responsive and active is a huge part of improving your ranking. Airbnb’s algorithms rate you higher when you get back to guests quickly, and when you interact with the site frequently. Make sure you log in or check the app every day, and update your calendar as often as you can – include local events and holidays to make your calendar relevant to your guests.

4: Be flexible

Flexibility helps you be included in more searches, which helps boost your ranking. Consider going down to one night minimum stay, do your best to avoid cancelling bookings, and consider turning on instant book so people don’t need to wait for your approval.

5: Get positive reviews

Get positive reviews by providing clean, well-maintained accommodation, reply promptly and politely to enquiries, be friendly and helpful when you meet your guests, and think about adding little things like nice soaps, maps of the area, and public transport cards to make your guests’ experience positive. It’s also helpful to read your existing reviews to see whether anything comes up repeatedly – if multiple guests complain about the bathroom, for example, you could consider upgrading it.

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