Successful Air BnB operators use GECA for advice and support

Are you an Air BnB operator?

Air BnB is a revolutionary platform that enables property owners to rent out surplus space. However, it is important to be across your tax and accounting obligations as failure to comply can lead to penalties and interest costs. And make sure you understand the potential GST consequences of Air BnB activity to ensure you don’t pay GST on the sale of your family home.

Stop worrying and let a GECA Adviser help you increase your bookings, make more money and stay on top of your tax obligations with our helpful and pragmatic commercial advice.

What do you want to do?

  • Increase the level of  bookings and grow your profitability and cashflow in your Air BnB business?
  • Cost Effective Support to stay on top of your tax and accounting obligations?
  • Pragmatic and Commercial Advice to grow your AirBnB business and protect your assets?

Benefits of using GECA to support your Air BnB business

At GECA, we specialise in helping AirBnB business operators to grow their business and stay on top of their obligations. Don’t get caught short trying to ignore your liability to pay tax on AirBnB  rentals – the IRD are actively targeting AirBnB operators  and ignorance is no excuse. We can help you to avoid this risk.

A GECA Adviser will help you:

  • Increase your bookings and rental income
  • Ensure you understand and meet your tax obligations
  • Help you protect your assets
  • Create strategies for you to achieve your goals

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Proven expertise helping Air BnB operators

What our client say

  • We were unaware of the GST implications of renting through AirBnB and that this could impact out family home – Giles was able to provide timely advice that meant we avoided this issue which could have proved very costly to us. Thanks, Giles!

    Rose Maharaj
    AirBnB Operator
  • Last year we began renting several properties through AirBnB. The GECA team provided helpful advice through out the setup process and we now have one of their PlusOne packages to take care of our accounting and taxation requirements. And they are a fun too – not often you can say that about accountants!

    Ian McKay
    AirBnB Operator

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